How it works – You send me what you’re working on. I read your pages at least twice, and make notes directly on the manuscript. Then, I meet with you in person (or via Skype) for one hour to discuss the work, talk about the strengths and possibilities in your piece, share tools, and have a conversation with you about your writing. This is my favorite way to work with writers.

Options We can work together on one story/essay, one longer manuscript, or on a long-term basis, meeting either bi-weekly or monthly.

CostFor single essay/story option, I charge 5 cents a word. This includes feedback on manuscript and one individual meeting. For long-term option, cost varies depending on your project and personal goals. (I offer discounts for new mothers and tight budgets.)

Email me to get started or ask questions:


I teach short story workshops through Literary Arts and I am the prose instructor in the Certificate Program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.