IT’S NOT THAT I think my parents will get back together. I know they won’t.

But my friend Robin, her parents got a divorce and her dad lived in a motel next to a Mexican restaurant for a while and then her parents got undivorced and her dad moved back in. So it’s possible. It happens.

LAST WEEK I did an oral report on waterfowl for science class. Geese and ducks are grazers and need short green grass for food. That was the first sentence. I got a B-minus, which pretty much sums up my life. A little better than average but nothing special. I learned that geese mate for life but not ducks. In the duck world there is a lot of weirdo hanky-panky stuff like corkscrew penises and forced copulation, which is basically duck rape, and even though everyone else in class laughed at that line, I didn’t think it was funny at all.

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