KBOO Short Story All-Stars Roundtable

Deepest thanks to KBOO’s Ken Jones for dreaming up a short story all-star roundtable of writers for his once a month show Mr. Jones’s Neighborhood, where I had the joy of talking for an hour around the mikes with these luminaries of the literature and the short story – KAREN RUSSELL, LIDIA YUKNAVITCH, & KIMBERLY KING PARSONS.

The conversation could have gone on much longer than the hour we had.

It was an absolute privilege to be in the room with these women and to discuss everything we love about my favorite literary genre.

Link to listen to the full taping is here.

KBOO Interview

Just back from a great conversation this morning with Leigh Anne Kranz on the KBOO show Between The Covers. You can listen to the half hour show here.

We talked about character and dialogue and detail in a scene and how to find hope inside a story even when your characters aren’t living the most uplifting lives.

When you’ve got a few minutes, give it a listen.