OPB’s State of Wonder Keeps Me in Good Company

OPB’s April Baer put together this week’s State of Wonder show and included an interview with me and the sensational PEN Hemingway honor news in a show with some of the most talented folks I know of, including Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Esperanza Spalding, and Sharon Olds.


Listen to the full show here. 

Many thanks to OPB and April Baer and John Sepulvado for their tireless support of People Like You and for their enthusiasm at the PEN news. Thanks guys!!

OPB Interview with John Sepulvado

Biggest of thanks to the awesome John Sepulvado of OPB for the great chat we had about People Like You and for putting together such a wonderful piece for Weekend Edition.

Topics covered include short stories, brain tumors, hookers, infertility, and pregnant drinking, to name a few. All that in six and a half minutes.

In his introduction to our interview, John writes:

Margaret Malone – a self-described introvert with a penchant to believe everything will, at some point, “go horribly wrong” – turned to writing as a way to open herself to the world.

To listen to the complete interview, go here.