35 Over 35

PEOPLE LIKE YOU was just selected as one of the 35 Over 35 books of the year!

So grateful for the book’s inclusion on a list. I’m honored to be named in the same breath as these other incredible writers. Thank you 35 Over 35!


We Wanted To Be Writers

The folks at the phenomenal literary site We Wanted To Be Writers featured People Like You in two big ways this week.

First, they excerpted a big chunk of the title story for their ARCology series – helping to introduce recurring characters Bert & Cheryl to a wider audience. Go here to read the first several pages of People Like You.

Second, I was asked to do a post for their Books By The Bed series – this is where writers reveal the titles of the stack of books on their nightstands that they are reading, have read, or are in line to read. Not much is better than sharing with other readers why I love the writers and the books I love. An endless conversation.

Check out who I’m sleeping next to here.

Thanks for reading along.

Portland Mercury Review of People Like You

Reviewer Joshua James Amberson of the Portland Mercury had this, among other things, to say about People Like You:

“Malone’s writing could be seen as a close cousin to the work of Tom Drury, Mary Robison, or Denis Johnson—stories that casually draw you in and leave you wanting more. People Like You feels like being let in on a secret that won’t stay secret for long.”

Big thanks to him for such an awesome review and for supporting Portland’s small presses and writers.

Go here to read the full review.


Largehearted Boy Playlist

By some incredible miracle I was afforded the opportunity to put together a playlist for PEOPLE LIKE YOU at the literary giant site Largehearted Boy.

Don’t ask me how this happened. Being the kooky mad music fan that I am, I can’t believe my good luck.

I’m still pinching myself.

To read about the songs I selected for each story, go to Largehearted Boy.

To skip all that blabbering and just listen to the playlist on Spotify, go here.

Hope you hear something you like.


Shelf Awareness: Image of the Day

Don’t ask me how, but the stars aligned and Shelf Awareness Pro used this cool photo of me reading at Wordstock: Portland’s Book Festival in front of the beautiful painting by Moses Soyer, Girl With a Cigarette, as their Image of the Day.

Lucky and grateful both.


Wordstock 2015

Many thanks to the folks who braved the endless rain, wet crowds, and acres of overwhelmed book fans to attend Wordstock 2015. Despite some potential areas for improvement (don’t we all have those), the festival still felt like a huge success. I thought it was incredible to pair literature with visual art in downtown Portland.

Also, I had the privilege of reading one of the stories from People Like You beside this fantastic painting by Moses Soyer, “Girl With A Cigarette.” I won’t forget this.

Hope you found some goodness in the day too.

Late Night Library Book Club – Deadline for inaugural book is Nov 6

Late Night Library, the hub of all things literary and full of goodness, has started a monthly book club – they’ll send you a just released, debut book in the mail every month, hand-wrapped with a sprig of rosemary if I’m not mistaken – for the low, low subscription price of $9.99/month. Every other month, they’ll throw in a free book too because they are just that kind of awesome.

The selections will be weighted toward indie publishers, titles by authors of color and women authors, and they’re always debut books.

There is absolutely no good reason for you not to join. I did!


Connotation Press Interview

The kind folks at Connotation Press are featuring PEOPLE LIKE YOU in their November issue of Crazy Rabbit Review. There’s an interview with me about how the book came to be, among other questions, as well as a video reading of the title story, and a re-printing of the story itself.

Thanks so much to feature editor Meg Tuite and editor-in-chief Ken Robidoux for the chance to talk about the book.