Bust the Canon, Episode 2 with Kristen Millares Young

Thanks for tuning in today on xray.fm to listen to the interview with Seattle author and journalist Kristen Millares Young.

This program was gratefully funded by a grant from RACC in its original inception. Thanks to RACC for helping to make this idea come to life.

Here’s a list of the books and authors mentioned in today’s conversation with Kristen:

Kristen Millares Young – Subduction
Sarah Ahmed
Mercè Roderoda – The Time of the Doves
Pilar Quintana – La Perra/The Bitch (translated by Lisa Dillman)
Yuri Herrera
Sasha Lapointe

Jen Soriano

I urge you to purchase your books, whenever possible, from local, independent bookstores, women-owned bookstores, BIPOC-owned bookstores, or directly from the author.

If you live in the Portland area, here are a few ideas:
Third Eye Books
Broadway Books
Up, Up Books
Annie Blooms Books
Forest Avenue Press