The Series Option: Last year, I began working with three clients in a slightly different way than I had before. We began to meet more regularly (weekly, or every other week) to move a specific project or draft of a project forward, and the results have been incredible. The work moved along not just more quickly for each writer, but more efficiently and with more insight both creatively and career-wise. The experience has made me re-think the way I do this work, and this is now my favorite way to work with writers. You buy a series in advance (either 6-hours or 12-hours) and we meet to decide the best way to move you forward based on your unique project, goal and life situation. If you’re interested in finding out if Series spots have opened up, send me an email. See “pricing” below for additional info.

Manuscript Consult: You send me what you’re working on. I read your pages thoughtfully, and make notes directly on the manuscript. Then, I meet with you in person (or via Zoom) for one hour to discuss the work, talk about the strengths and possibilities in your piece, share tools, and have a conversation with you about your writing.

Career Consult: We can meet and make a plan for how to move your writing goals forward. Sometimes I help you get organized. Sometimes I help you with your grant applications. Sometimes we talk about how to prioritize which projects and why.

Options We can work together on one story/essay, one longer manuscript, or on a long-term basis, meeting either bi-weekly or monthly.


For Series option, the cost is a pre-paid bundle of 6-hours or 12-hours of meetings, to be used however the time will be most useful, efficient, and creatively motivating. Ideally, we meet once a week (or once every other week) in person or via zoom and discuss where you’re at, what’s in the way, how to organize narrative questions, draft issues, character development… really, whatever it is the project needs to keep moving forward toward your goal week by week.

For single essay/story option, I charge by the word. This includes feedback written directly on the manuscript and one individual meeting, in person or via Zoom.

For long-term monthly meeting option, I charge for each 60-90 minute monthly meeting. Cost varies depending on your project and personal goals.

(I offer sliding scale options for tight budgets.)

EMAIL ME to get started or for more information: