I work with emerging and established writers to grow their creative practice, nurture new projects, and edit existing projects to make them as successful as possible toward individual goals.

Typically, I meet with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and tailor each situation based on the kind of support needed from week to week and client to client. This includes things like, troubleshooting narrative problems inside a story, line editing sentences, giving revision assignments, and suggesting places for publication.

For more information, please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you. I try to respond to inquiries within 2-3 business days.

[The Series Option:]

My favorite way to work with writers, and the most effective way to move a specific project or your creative practice forward in a clear and lasting way.

We set specific weekly goals for you to focus on based on your unique project, goal and life situation. For some writers, this goal is about page count or time spent per week at your desk. For others, it means scaffolding a project, making a list of rough plot points that need scenes. For others, it means brainstorming ways you might make more space for yourself in your daily practice.

We change and adapt our goals at each meeting so you continue to move your practice and your project forward in a way that feels successful.

I always follow our meetings up with a brief email detailing what our plan is for that week, and when our next meeting is scheduled for.

The Series meetings are $150 for the initial meeting; then, $100 for each one-hour meeting. (Please note: This option is available for clients who are meeting consistently on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.)

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to me at hello@margaretmalone.com.

[Individual Meetings One on One]:

We meet monthly to discuss how your pages are going, what you need to keep going, what you might want to read, and more. You can send me pages to overview for these meetings. You can come with questions about craft elements you want to strengthen. You set the agenda for how you want to spend our time: grant proposals, story revision, practice goals, writing exercises… whatever you might need.

Individual Meetings are 60-70 minutes long and cost $150, virtually or in person.

EMAIL ME for more information: hello@margaretmalone.com

[In-person and Virtual Workshops]:

Please check the calendar for current available classes.


“Margaret is a phenomenal coach, mentor and support. I’m always blown away by how she’s able to so precisely and immediately see the truth in a piece of writing, as well as identify a writer’s roadblocks. My conversations with Margaret are always insightful, encouraging, and I’ve been able to make much faster and more meaningful progress in my project since working with her. Her feedback is always so respectful and on point, and I’m a better and more thoughtful writer for working with Margaret.”

“Working with Margaret has helped me focus my ‘too many projects’ brain from overwhelm to selection, planning, and follow-through. She brings her intelligence and inquisitive talents to break through issues in the heart of my writing in direct and sometimes profound ways.”

I came to Margaret with a messy novel draft, a list of edits from an agent, and six months to get it done. She took me by the hand and guided me through two full revisions, kept me writing when I wanted to give up (twice!), held me accountable to my instincts as a writer, and made the process of revising a novel, dare I say, kind of fun? 

I’ve worked with over 25 writing coaches and teachers and Margaret is in another league. 

Margaret is a unicorn: she is a deep and insightful editor who has pushed my craft far beyond what I could imagine. She is also an inspiring and nurturing support who sat beside me through the ups and downs of the creative process, and she is a voice of sanity in the very-not-sane business of trying to make money from writing. 

She gave me something even more valuable than a finished novel; she gave me confidence in my own instincts as a writer. 

I would not write a book without her.