2023 Oregon Literary Fellowship in Fiction

Well, geez. In all honestly, I did not see this one coming.

When I got the news, my jaw, quite literally, dropped and my mouth fell open. I stared at the email for at least two minutes. Which is a really long time to digest information. That’s how long it took for me to understand and take in the good news.

This fellowship is the first substantial head nod from the universe for the novel I’ve spent the past three years at work on every single day. So, it has an extra special meaning for me.

All that said, having applied for the past 13 years for an OLF and not received one, I’m also viscerally aware of all the writers, also hard at work every day for the past three or more years, on their own projects, also in need of a head nod from the universe, and so I accept the good news as humbly as possibly. And say to all of you, keep applying. Keep applying. Keep applying.

Wishing each of you your own good news somewhere, somehow as soon as possible.

Keep going…

Mendocino Coast Writers Conference

I’m delighted that I’ll be the short fiction instructor for the 2023 Mendocino Coast Writers Conference – a part of the world close to my heart.

Registration will be available soon. Grab a spot while you can.

There are incredible instructors attending and it promises to be an incredible experience, including Ariel Gore, Nayomi Munaweera, Daniel B. Summerhill, Sarah McColl, Ploi Pirapokin, Muriel Leung and Carvell Wallace.

Join us if you can.



Here’s a brief rundown of what a day at the conference (from their website) would be like, more details to follow soon:



All morning workshops and afternoon events will take place in Mendocino, California. Evening events may take place in Mendocino and the surrounding Fort Bragg. Location details will be available in early 2023.


All eating will be outdoors, and masks will be required at all times indoors. The seating in classrooms for morning workshops and afternoon seminars will be spaced apart, and windows kept open, to promote social distancing and good ventilation.


08:00am-08:45am: Breakfast (included)
09:00am-12:00pm: Morning Workshops
12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (included)
2:30pm-4:00pm: Afternoon Seminars
4:10pm-5:00pm: Anonymous Critique (Thursday and Saturday)


Thursday, August 3 | 5:30pm: Student and Faculty Welcome
A meet-and-greet followed by faculty readings.
Free and open to the public from 6.30pm onwards

Friday, August 4 | 6:30pm: Faculty Reading
A medley of faculty readings.
Free and open to the public

Saturday, August 5 | 5:30pm: Dinner and Keynote Address
Dinner (outside), faculty book signing and the conference keynote address.