Staring Contest Mulit-Media Event at Open Signal

Join us for a ridiculously cool evening of multi-media performances to celebrate the end of Joshua James Amberson’s recent leg of his book tour for his beautiful book STARING CONTEST.

Folks presenting include:

Joshua James Amberson

Carl Diehl

Yaara Valey

Mo Sabine Rear

Margaret Malone (that’s me!)

Briana Wheeler


It’s going to be pretty darn incredible.


The Steer Podcast Episode

What feels like many moons ago, I was interviewed on The Steer podcast, the coolest idea for a show ever: the hosts bring on writers to talk about music, and musicians to talk about books. It’s like a dream come true if you’re a person like me.

The episode we taped that long ago day on March 2nd is now up and live and the final version of the episode is so, so good.

I never listen to interviews I do. It’s just too weird. But because of its conversational format, I really wanted to hear this one, listen to the conversation I had with writers Jeff Alesandrelli and Joshua James Amberson.

As I suspected, it was a fantastic talk about failed projects, giving up, inspiration, not giving up, and the way success can be confusing for a minute. Also, tons of music. Also, I read the beginning of a new story that took me 15 years to write.

When you have an hour, check it out.

Portland Mercury Review of People Like You

Reviewer Joshua James Amberson of the Portland Mercury had this, among other things, to say about People Like You:

“Malone’s writing could be seen as a close cousin to the work of Tom Drury, Mary Robison, or Denis Johnson—stories that casually draw you in and leave you wanting more. People Like You feels like being let in on a secret that won’t stay secret for long.”

Big thanks to him for such an awesome review and for supporting Portland’s small presses and writers.

Go here to read the full review.