Portland Monthly Podcast

The folks at Portland Monthly put together a podcast with the writers of their Summer Reading issue – the fiction writers and poets talk about how they worked with the prompt, the space limit, and writing about this place we live.

Here’s the link to the Portland Monthly podcast page

Or click below for the full Soundcloud podcast

Summer Reading: New Story Up at Portland Monthly

A few months ago, Portland Monthly came to me and asked for a brand new short story with a few rules:

  • Set in the Pacific Northwest
  • Word count under 1,400 words
  • And, written to the theme of  “That Summer…”

The result is The Buried Forest, published online today, and the print version is out in the August issue of Portland Monthly. Inside, you’ll find new work from authors David Shafer and Diana Abu-Jabar, and poetry by Anis Mojgani, Elyse Fenton, and Samiya Bashir.

For the whole shebang of Summer Reading stories and poems, go here.

Enjoy the read, and happy summer!

Portland Monthly Interview

I love how things have to fit together. There has to be a purpose to each and every part of a short story. That’s fun, at least most of the time. Some of the time I just want to stab myself, but most of the time I love the way you have to fit everything together for it to be its own little world.”

Big thanks to Fiona McCann at Portland Monthly for connecting with me to talk about writing and books and the long road that led to People Like You.

Go here to read the full interview.