Quivering Pen: Big Love for PEOPLE LIKE YOU

My First Time & Trailer Park Tuesdays:

The fantastic David Abrams has shown a lot of love for People Like You this week on his literary site The Quivering Pen.

Yesterday he posted the essay I wrote for My First Time – this is where writers get to share their experiences about doing something book-related for the first time.

I wrote about the exhilarating and dreamy first time I hand-sold copies of my book at a reading event.

Check out this section on his site – writers have written on just about kind of first time (now, now) that you can imagine.


The next day was Trailer Park Tuesday where he highlighted the seriously awesome trailer made by filmmaker Brian Padian for People Like You.

Here’s an excerpt from David’s thoughts on the title story in the collection: On the surface, it’s an ordinary evening; but what sets this story apart, what gives it an electric buzz that tastes like you just licked a lamp socket, is what doesn’t happen. With remarkable restraint, Malone takes us on a tour of the tip of the iceberg without feeling the need to state the obvious: there’s a massive, continent-sized chunk of ice right below our feet.

To read his full post about the book trailer and the opening story in the collection, please go here.

Thanks so much to David Abrams for all the love he’s show to the collection, and for tirelessly supporting books and writers every single day. We love you, David!