Go Away, I’m Reading Podcast Chat (Wordstock Style)

I had way, way too much fun talking to Michelle Fredette and Isaac Eldridge in a dark, corner table at a wood-paneled bar on a rain-soaked afternoon during the Wordstock Literary Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Honestly, I could have talked for another hour with them. Plus, they kept pushing pickled vegetables on me.

More importantly, if you don’t already know about this podcast, you should. It’s fantastic and well-produced and they arrange each episode wisely showing you which books and authors were discussed in which order.

Thank so much Michelle and Isaac. I loved every minute.


Wordstock 2016

I’ll be doing a panel and a pop-up reading at this year’s Wordstock, but you should probably come to see all the other incredible internationally-known authors in town too. Don’t miss this annual event!



I’ll be reading in the Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery of the Portland Art Museum in front of the The Prince Patutszky – Red by Jules Olitski.


PANEL: All Happy Families Are Alike: Crises and Confrontations – 5:00-6:00PM at The Old Church

I’m included on a panel with authors JIM LYNCH, EMMA STRAUB, and RAMONA AUSUBEL discussing how our fiction’s characters create families through blood, love, chaos or friendship, and the ways we test, destroy, and come together in the face of both tragedy and the everyday.

Yeah, it’s going to be awesome.

Shelf Awareness: Image of the Day

Don’t ask me how, but the stars aligned and Shelf Awareness Pro used this cool photo of me reading at Wordstock: Portland’s Book Festival in front of the beautiful painting by Moses Soyer, Girl With a Cigarette, as their Image of the Day.

Lucky and grateful both.


Wordstock 2015

Many thanks to the folks who braved the endless rain, wet crowds, and acres of overwhelmed book fans to attend Wordstock 2015. Despite some potential areas for improvement (don’t we all have those), the festival still felt like a huge success. I thought it was incredible to pair literature with visual art in downtown Portland.

Also, I had the privilege of reading one of the stories from People Like You beside this fantastic painting by Moses Soyer, “Girl With A Cigarette.” I won’t forget this.

Hope you found some goodness in the day too.