OTHERPPL Interview with Brad Listi

While on tour this week in LA for People Like You, I had the great fortune to be interviewed on the fantastic lit podcast Otherppl with Brad Listi. He’s spent the last several years interviewing some of the best names in literature, and I’m honored to be included in the canon.

We had such a good conversation: it was like we’d been talking about books and kids and life and writing for years already.

Here’s a link to the full interview.

Thank you so much to Brad for the opportunity.

OPB Interview with John Sepulvado

Biggest of thanks to the awesome John Sepulvado of OPB for the great chat we had about People Like You and for putting together such a wonderful piece for Weekend Edition.

Topics covered include short stories, brain tumors, hookers, infertility, and pregnant drinking, to name a few. All that in six and a half minutes.

In his introduction to our interview, John writes:

Margaret Malone – a self-described introvert with a penchant to believe everything will, at some point, “go horribly wrong” – turned to writing as a way to open herself to the world.

To listen to the complete interview, go here.

Portland Monthly Interview

I love how things have to fit together. There has to be a purpose to each and every part of a short story. That’s fun, at least most of the time. Some of the time I just want to stab myself, but most of the time I love the way you have to fit everything together for it to be its own little world.”

Big thanks to Fiona McCann at Portland Monthly for connecting with me to talk about writing and books and the long road that led to People Like You.

Go here to read the full interview.

KBOO Interview

Just back from a great conversation this morning with Leigh Anne Kranz on the KBOO show Between The Covers. You can listen to the half hour show here.

We talked about character and dialogue and detail in a scene and how to find hope inside a story even when your characters aren’t living the most uplifting lives.

When you’ve got a few minutes, give it a listen.


Late Night Debut Podcast

The wonderful folks at Late Night Library were kind enough to feature People Like You on their Late Night Debut Podcast, which also happens to be their inaugural selection for the Late Night Library Book Club. Thanks guys!!

Take a listen to this amazing podcast – I still can’t believe it’s about my book. I might have died and gone to heaven. It features Amelia Gray, author of Gutshot, and Don Waters, author of Sunland, discussing and laughing out loud (!!!) about the stories and the characters. Their hilarious and intelligent conversation was so damn good I was almost certain it was about some other book. How I got so lucky is beyond me. Give it a listen.

In the last section of the podcast I’m interviewed by Late Night Debut host Amber Keller about how the collection came together, recurring characters Bert & Cheryl and if they really love each other, writing funny and other stuff you just might like.

Thanks so much to Late Night, Amber, Amelia and Don for making me sound so smart and funny. I love you guys.

Connotation Press Interview

The kind folks at Connotation Press are featuring PEOPLE LIKE YOU in their November issue of Crazy Rabbit Review. There’s an interview with me about how the book came to be, among other questions, as well as a video reading of the title story, and a re-printing of the story itself.

Thanks so much to feature editor Meg Tuite and editor-in-chief Ken Robidoux for the chance to talk about the book.