Late Night Debut Podcast

The wonderful folks at Late Night Library were kind enough to feature People Like You on their Late Night Debut Podcast, which also happens to be their inaugural selection for the Late Night Library Book Club. Thanks guys!!

Take a listen to this amazing podcast – I still can’t believe it’s about my book. I might have died and gone to heaven. It features Amelia Gray, author of Gutshot, and Don Waters, author of Sunland, discussing and laughing out loud (!!!) about the stories and the characters. Their hilarious and intelligent conversation was so damn good I was almost certain it was about some other book. How I got so lucky is beyond me. Give it a listen.

In the last section of the podcast I’m interviewed by Late Night Debut host Amber Keller about how the collection came together, recurring characters Bert & Cheryl and if they really love each other, writing funny and other stuff you just might like.

Thanks so much to Late Night, Amber, Amelia and Don for making me sound so smart and funny. I love you guys.